25th March at 08:39

I’m glad I’m stepping away from tech and design twitter for a bit. If you’ve sent a message or reply, I’ll get to it when I come back. I’m still on my alt and I’ll follow some pals on it, so keep a look-out 👀

It seems like I need a quarterly break. I’m also super busy right now and tech twitter dickheads are even less bearable than usual.

It encourages me to blog too, which I should do more often--not just about CSS and other web stuff.

The 1 year anniversary of lockdown starting here in the U.K. has affected me more than I thought it would--I’m just super angry. That lockdown should have started much earlier and thousands died as a result. Thousands more have died since too, because at almost every turn, the tories have fucked it up and seemingly focused only on profiteering from a crisis. "Get Brexit done", though, right? FFS.

Anyway, here’s a shot that sums up that first lockdown. I came here every day and thankfully the weather was nice, a lot of the time.

I was a ball of stress because clients were pulling budgets and y’know, the pandemic, but this place always seemed to help.

A lush countryside path in glorious sunshine