5th October at 09:47

It’s been over a month now since I stopped looking at the Twitter timeline and my mental health has improved drastically—so much more so than I thought it would. Thanks to tools like Front, I haven’t actually logged on to the site at all—only once to post an image because you can’t post alt text with Front...

The timeline is what has been the killer for me. The absolute awful daily takes were grinding me down and speaking of grind—the vomit-inducing coding journey bullshit was getting too much. Part of this is that I just gave up making courses and stuff—which by measure of feedback, I was doing pretty good at—because I can’t stomach the reflux-inducing hyper-positivity that a lot of educators use to flog courses. I’m too pessimistic and frankly, British to do that. I’ve actually enjoyed slingin’ code for clients instead.

I’ve pretty much already been booked up for 2022, too. So much so, I’m quietly considering building on that and looking at how I could potentially take on a junior/apprentice. I would love to give someone who comes from a similar, poor, working class background that I do, because as vomit-worthy as Tech Twitter is: the tech industry is a great industry for social mobility. A lot more thinking to be done on that front.

Anyway, I couldn’t recommend having a hands-off relationship with Twitter anymore if I tried. I don’t feel “behind” and treating it like an inbox, with Front, has actually made it all more manageable.