18th October at 09:14

Some things that have had nothing but an overall positive impact recently:

  1. Removing my work email from my phone (turns out you can actually do this if you work for yourself)
  2. Saying no, a lot
  3. Allowing stuff to be suboptimal (in my eyes); not everything I deliver needs to be perfect (in my opinion) if it overall, makes things way better
  4. Finally accepting that tech is no different, nor more special than other industries. It’s teeming with bellends, just like the rest
  5. Setting myself set work hours and sticking to them relentlessly
  6. Finally accepting that although making education stuff was cool, it’s realistically not for me and client services stuff very much is for me
  7. Banning myself from scrolling all forms of social media
  8. Setting my business operations and pipeline up that will almost certainly guarantee at least a couple more years of me working for myself, even if shit hits the fan
  9. Prioritising personal and family life over everything else