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  • 29th March at 11:13

    I keep hearing “when this blows over, we can go back to normal”.

    We should never go back to normal. “Normal” has failed us miserably.

    Everything—especially capitalist ideology—needs to change.

  • 28th March at 09:57

    Pro tip: American Pancakes don’t require many ingredients and are easy to make.

    Perfect quarantine cooking.

    All you need:

    135g/4¾oz plain flour 1 tsp baking powder ½ tsp salt 2 tbsp caster sugar (normal is fine) 130ml/4½fl oz milk 1 large egg


    Mix the dry ingredients (sift if you have a sieve).

    Beat the egg and add the milk separately. Then add the dry ingredients.

    Let it rest. I leave it for about 10-15 mins but the more it rests, the more it’ll bubble up.

    The batter should be thick!

    Get a ladle (or just pour a small circle) of batter in the pan.

    When it bubbles at the top, flip it until it’s nice and golden brown in both sides.

    You’re done. Get some, butter, berries and maple syrup on those mofos.

  • 25th March at 16:53

    I’ve finally managed to produce some proper complex client work today.

    I’ve found the last few weeks really tough and have been dragging myself through them in a haze, so this is a welcome change.

    I’m still not up to scratch, but that’ll be the case for a long time now, I imagine. This pandemic is really testing the ol’ thinker.

  • 16th March at 12:57

    📷 The little one and I went and did a bit of social distancing earlier.

    We’re so lucky to live in the middle of nowhere and have places like this on our doorstep.

    A woodland path in the sunshine

  • 12th March at 06:58

    This coronavirus news cycle is brutal. It’s so fast paced.

    We’re used to it in the U.K. with the Brexit situation, so I really feel for y’all who are not here.

    I’m constantly anxious at the moment, not for myself, but for those who are gonna suffer the most.

  • 11th March at 08:36

    A lot of people are suddenly going to experience the benefit of working from home, and companies that force staff to work in their noisy, open-plan offices are in real trouble.

    Remote doesn’t work for a lot of people, either, but big changes are likely.

  • 10th March at 11:30

    📣 It’s Launch Day!!

    I’m super chuffed to finally launch the brand new Piccalilli site!!

    I’ve put so much work into it, so I couldn’t be happier right now.

    It's now got tutorials, upcoming courses, a blog and of course, the weekly newsletter.