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  • 5th March at 12:09

    📷 I’m back working from home now, which is making me v happy indeed.

    My cat is certainly happy about it.

    High shot of my desk with my cat on my lap

  • 3rd March at 17:09

    Maybe, separate dev and design teams are a bit like government and opposition. There’s an important relationship there that keeps things flowing nice.

    If that relationship is toxic though (see current politics), nothing of any worth gets done.

    It’s certainly something I can’t stop thinking about.

  • 2nd March at 13:57

    It’s pretty likely I won’t be doing any streaming this week, pals. I’m heads-down trying to get content for the new done before I launch it next week.

  • 29th February at 18:47

    I have an obsessive condition about cleanliness and hand washing. It’s been the case for probably about 10 years but has gotten much worse over the last 5 years.

    It’s something that’s super hard and stressful, because it niggles at me, as with any obsessive condition. When I’m stressed, anxious or in an unfamiliar place, it gets much worse too.

    The extra kicker is because I’m like this, I get super bad skin on my hands. That’s a bastard, that is.

    All of this recent talk about washing hands makes me feel a bit better though. Coronavirus is horrific, but if it improves people’s hygiene, at least there is a micron of positivity.

    This is what stresses me out the most: people’s awful hygiene. When I’m in a public toilet, I’m a wreck because there’s always a dude who either doesn’t wash there hands or just rinses them. Then they touch the door handle and that’s me done for the day: obsessing over how dirty my hands are, even though I washed them.

    I’m not really sure where I’m going with this: I just thought I’d share to show solidarity with others like me. If you are like me, I’m sending hugs at this time ♥️