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  • 15th March at 10:06

    My hearing is finally level again. I’ve had a pretty severe, double ear infection with a perforated ear drum over the last 10 days or so. The pain was bad enough—my partner even said that when she had a perforated ear drum, the pain waves were as bad as childbirth contractions—but the killer for me has been that one ear was more blocked than the other.

    This matters to me because before I succumbed to being a web nerd, I actually used to do a lot of music production and sound engineering. Audio that is even slightly off bothers me a lot, so imagine what one side of my hearing being completely off has been like! I am also extremely into music, so listening to it has been a blag, rather than a joy.

    Thanks to my past life in music, I have permanent tinnitus too which is all I could hear for 3 days. I’ll be honest: that and the pain had me literally crying at points. It was torture.

    Protect your hearing, kids.

  • 14th March at 22:24

    “I hate all of this. To me, the hunger in the crypto world illustrates all the worst things about people: Our greed, our need to "own" things, and our inability to see the bigger picture. But then -- how can’t I be happy for artists who are finally able to pay the bills? Gah! I’m so conflicted!”

    This is pretty much exactly where I am with all the NFT and crypto stuff right now. This a a good read and and very good newsletter/blog:

  • 8th March at 09:06

    It’s a big day in our house today. Our eldest kid goes back to pre-school.

    Sure, we’re nervous—there’s still a lot of COVID-19 cases—but locally, things are much better than the national picture. Our nerves were totally and rightfully put down the priority list as our kid jumped out of bed this morning and sang “I’m going back to pre-school” over-and-over. She’s struggled through this third lockdown.

    To all the other parents who have homeschooled or have had to juggle childcare and demanding jobs: you’re amazing and as you’ll no doubt, understandably, be nervous today—try to enjoy it, too.

  • 6th March at 08:50

    An oldie but a goodie here from Jeremy Keith:

    If one drink feels good, then ten drinks must be better, right?

    The context is this 2017 article in response to an intro and justification of Tailwind.

    Jeremy touches on something I’ve always been uncomfortable with Tailwind: the limitations of available CSS.

    If you are in an environment where people won’t simply create a new utility class every time they want to style something, then you are also in an environment where people won’t create new inline style combinations every time they want to style something.

    This was why I made Gorko for generating utility classes after using Tailwind (I must say, successfully) for managing design tokens on a client project. The limiting factor of "we can only generate what the framework creators want us to generate" didn’t really sit well with me back then, although technically, Tailwind near-enough nailed what we needed it to.

    Anyway, I’m just enjoying reading Jeremy’s article because it’s the sort of internal response I’ve been having towards stuff like Tailwind and really all frameworks that inevitably become dependencies. Call me biased, but I much prefer a technology agnostic approach like CUBE CSS with a sprinkling of little tools to get the job done.

  • 1st March at 10:39

    It’s easy to look smart and dunk on NFT from the ivory tower of Twitter and it’s a real societal failing if creatives have to lean into technology that’s fundamentally flawed and terrible for the planet to get paid for what they do.

    We should be dunking on copyright laws, media laws and capitalism: not the people having to approach surviving from a different angle. Creative works are fundamentally de-valued which is not only criminal, but why when an opportunity to actually get paid turns up: creatives jump at it.

    Sure, rich boys will exploit this as a get even richer scheme but yelp, wait until you look at the tax system.

    Art and culture are what define us a humans: not “haha business” and GDP. It’ll be all that’s left when we’re gone.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about NFT for a while and struggling to articulate my thoughts but I guess here they are. I’m already really bored of the hype around NFT, but I’m not gonna take it out on folks trying to get by.

  • 28th February at 08:56

    One thing I can’t help but notice is how efficiently I get through Twitter after abstracting it to Feedbin. I’m usually done and dusted with the latest tweets in 10 minutes.

    The Feedbin setup gives me back the control too. Tweets no longer feel like they’ll vanish before I get to see them, so naturally, I don’t run straight to Twitter when I grab my phone. I’ll look at other stuff like Dispo and TikTok.

    Managing replies and DMs in Front is only helping that too. I just wish I could tweet alt text with images and reply/RT tweets by url. I’d probably never sign in to Twitter again.

    It all feels much healthier.

  • 25th February at 14:58

    I’ve been building up to running a 10k for a while now and today, I finally did it!

    I used to run a lot as a kid but bad knees and years of smoking weirdly stopped that. My knees have got so much better over the last 12 months, so this year, I started pushing for longer distances.

    Next up: half marathon

    A route map and stats from my 10k run today

  • 24th February at 10:06

    I’m really happy to see Dispo coming out of beta. It’s such a nice, fun little app.

    The only “social network” apps that bring me any sort of joy these days are Dispo and TikTok. I guess I should lump Tumblr in that group too.

    Everything else is just such hard work. Sure there are good bits—Twitter brings me, personally, a lot of benefits. It also brings a lot of bollocks with it too—especially with bollock-owning people in the replies.

    Social networks like Twitter are booming increasingly corporate, too, as people’s work lives merge into their personal lives. I guess the pandemic and tech twitter’s obsession with “passion” are partly to blame for that. The link between people’s personal identity and work identity is certainly growing though.

    Services like Dispo and TikTok bring back the raw creative joy that’s been mostly absent from the web for so long. Byte tried it and failed, in my opinion. I think that was a combination of it being dominated with extremely mild content and that content being produced by really unfunny white people. The users also did a lot of gatekeeping when they came out of beta which immediately turned me off the app. I hope Dispo users don’t do the same, but based on what I’ve seen so far as a beta user: they’ve been nothing but delightful. I even got followed by @piss.

    Anyway, go and grab Dispo and give me a shout if you need an invite. You can find me with the @piccalilli handle.

    One last thing is it would be lush to see this stuff on the web alongside the walled gardens that are native apps. TikTok has a pretty solid PWA but whinges at you to download the app a lot. I guess that’s something that needs to change, long term.

  • 23rd February at 20:55

    I’ve got a personal site again! It’s the old microblog, back doing all the auto-posting to Twitter and stuff, which is cool.

    It’s nice to have somewhere to dump little posts about stuff which means I can keep Piccalilli to be “tech only”. As much as I like reading newsletters, I can’t be arsed running the one on substack I was running, either.

    I’m trying to keep Twitter at arms-length at the moment. The main site and apps are just too addictive, so I’m just doing what I can to make things more manageable. I wrote about this before in “Hello, I’m Andy and I’m addicted to Twitter”. It looks like I have an annual overload from this stuff maybe.

    Also, no more I’m back using my domain.

    Indieweb FTW.